Social responsibility comes in many shapes and forms, and though many people consider it an ethical theory, we believe it is a practice that is imperative to the well being of humanity, society, and business.

Temple Tramp dedicates a portion of its profit for supporting girls’ education in Egypt. Each year we support a number of girls who are bright but belong to financially challenged families, and we cover all their academic needs, from attire, supplies, tuition to extra curricular activities, and after school study programs for the year.

Our dream is to sponsor as many girls as we can all the way to university.


While there is no easy answer to the environmental issues our world is facing today, Temple Tramp tries to play a part in rectifying the problem. By up-cycling denim we make sure we reduce carbon footprint and minimize waste.


Tempe Tramp, by intention, has been conscious of producing premium quality garments in monochromatic colours and trans-seasonal garments, in order to encourage its clientele to style more and buy less.